• Dialit with it’s superior engineering and it’s solid commitment to the High-end polishing Market, once again brings leading technology to new heights. Dialit introduces a State-of-the-Art Hardware and Software add-on package which takes the ProAngle setting station and the final diamond setting process to the next generation.
  • The ProAngle™ Autolifter resolves the main bottleneck of the Diamond setting process by featuring full automation lock and lift. This will introduce higher accuracy and repeatability, better yield, less human error and dependency. The package also includes many other software features, production control facilities and remote maintenance & software upgrade facility.
  • The angle setting system serves Dialit’s automatic polishing machines, such as the GS7000 and the Super Blocker™ family.
Automatic Lock• Protects Holder
• Eliminate Operator Errors causing damaged culets
Auto Lift• Improved Accuracy, Repeatability
• Improved Productivity
• Online Centering verification
• Online Lift Range verification
• Missed position verification
• Holder sliding quality verification
• Operator sequence verification
• Live optical reflections analysis
• No Lift Overshoot, no time waste for repairs
Vector LiftingEqual pressure spread during lift
Advanced GUISimplified use for all operators
User Log inUser name stamps for better tracking
Production LogActivity report for management performance analysis
Production log converterExport of Production Log to various formats (Word Excel etc)
Label PrintingPrinting Labels with user defined parameters
Image StorageArchive Stone’s final setting and Image Scheme for history
GIA FacetWare™ advisorOnline stone advisor to achieve maximum GIA Cut Grading

Can you afford not to have it?

Standard Edition

Targeted for a large variety of stone sizes. Holders sizes 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm.

VLS Edition

Targeted for VERY LARGE stones. Holders sizes up to 26mm.


Targeted for VERY SMALL stones with top quality single holder size 10mm.

HD Upgrade Kit

Upgrade kits for older versions of ProAngle to HD camera which improves performance and accuracy.