Automatic Table Polishing Machine – Dialit’s Super Table™

The right table in place – maximizes yield and thus maximizes your profit. Dialit developed a new method for precise table polishing: combining the Super Table™ machine and the Pro Table™ setting system to achieve the right table. The Pro Table™ setting system uses the marked line as a reference and the Super Table™ polishes the table exactly parallel to the required line.

The table can be fully polished or leave enough height for further tilting.

The marker decision is precisely implemented, no judgement is required from the polisher.

The Super Table™ polishes all shapes including round and fancies and is suitable for all types of stones.

The Super Table™ is suitable for all types of stones including: Sawns, Makeables, Australian and Naated – Full range from 0.10Ct. to 20Ct.

Dialit Super Table™ Advantages:

  • Productivity: One-operator controls for 1.00ct rough up to 24 machines.
  • Space Saving: Setting of up to 6 machines on a dedicated table.
  • Field Proven: Dialit is the choice of hundreds of diamond manufacturing plants around the world using thousands of it’s machines: Israel, Belgium, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, USA. Dialit is the industry standard in automatic polishing.
Dialit ProTable

Dialit Super Table™ Capabilities:

  • Automatic grain seeking for makeables or naated goods;
  • Built-in electronic leveling;
  • 10-speed smoothing action;
  • Controlled track position and stroke length on scaife;
  • Automatic weight control prevents burning of stone and prolongs scaife life;
  • Error identification system instantly stops machine to protect stones from damage;
  • Automatic battery back up in event of main power failure.