Dialit, the leading company in the world in automatic polishing, has applied its 35 years know-how in diamond polishing into the Super Blocker™.
The industry’s most sophisticated automatic blocking machine, Dialit Super Blocker™, easy to learn and operate, guarantees a quick return on your investment. The Super Blocker™ was designed to satisfy market demand for high-quality, low-cost blocking technology.
Dialit integrated its world famous GS7000 automatic polishing machine technology with a new-patented method to create the best automatic blocking machine in the world.
The Super Blocker may be set on any table even on regular manual polishing table.

The Super Blocker™ comes in 4 models:

  • Model P – using cylindrical cover (8mm) with press pot.
  • Model W – using WassCover (9mm) for quick setting.
  • Model C – using regular ceramic holders (8mm) with precise control on angle and naturals.
  • Model T – for top polishing with a claw.

The Super Blocker™ is suitable for all types of stones including: Sawns, Makeables, Australian and Naated. Full range from 0.10Ct. to 20Ct.

Dialit Blocking Machine
Dialit’s automatic diamond blocking machine

Dialit Super Blocker™ Advantages:

  • REDUCED COST – One operator can control as many as 24 machines. Even inexperienced workers can produce with high production with nearly no training period.
  • SMART PLANNING – The number of blocking machines that an operator can control simultaneously depends on such factors as diamond size and diamond type. Dialit’s efficiency experts examine your special needs and work with you in designing a system that will deliver maximum productivity.
  • RELIABLE OPERATION – Durable high-quality machine design minimizes downtime and maximizes cost-efficient, continuous production.
  • TRAINING AND SUPPORT – Minimal training is required. Dialit is offering full support throughout every stage – from installation to daily operation – to ensure that all systems deliver maximum productivity. Dialit accompanies your factory’s progress, contributing its specialized know-how to help your staff polish diamonds to better productivity.
  • FIELD-PROVEN – Dialit is the choice of hundreds of diamond manufacturing plants around the world (Israel, Belgium, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Thailand and United States of America). Dialit is the industry standard in automatic polishing machines.

Dialit Super Blocker™ Capabilities:

  • Non-Stop, fully automatic blocking of pavilion facets – 8 or 4 main facets;
  • Non-Stop, fully automatic blocking of crown facets – 8 or 4 main facets;
  • Automatic grain seeking for makeables or naated goods;
  • Built-in electronic leveling & stroking ensures precise results;
  • 10-speed smoothing action;
  • Controlled track position and stroke length on scaife;
  • Automatic weight control prevents burning of stone and prolongs scaife life;
  • Error identification system instantly stops machine to protect stones from damage;
  • Setting of up to 6 machines on a dedicated table;
  • Use WassCovers to shorten setting time;
  • Use of ceramic holders for precise control of blocked stone;
  • Productivity – One-operator controls for 1.00ct rough up to 24 machines;