Dialit GS7000-E: Automatic Full-Cut Polishing Machine

The GS7000 series, the well-known industry standard for automatic polishing machines, has been enhanced with the GS7000-E model. New features and state of the art technology have been added to the most sophisticated automatic polishing machine. Short learning time with ease of operation, guarantees a quick return on your investment. The GS7000-E is suitable for all types of stones including: Sawns, Makeables, Australian and Naated. Full range from 0.10Ct. to 20Ct.

Dialit GS7000 Polishing Table

DIALIT GS7000-E Advantages are:

  • Quality of Cut
    • Best symmetry
    • Polishing for high quality
    • Polishing for Certificates
    • Special cuts (Hearts & arrows, Ideal cut, etc.)
  • Reduced Cost
    • One operator can control as many as 16 machines.
    • Inexperienced workers can produce quality stones after a brief training period.
  • Increase Yield
    • Using Dialit’s Pro Angle™ to determine the polishing angle between better make or maximum yield.
    • Designed for Large or Small Volume
  • Tailor-Made Products
    • Dialit will tailor-make or modify your GS7000-E polishing machine to suit your special needs and Special Cuts.
  • Reliable Operation
    • Durable high-quality machine design minimizes downtime and maximizes cost-efficient, continuous production.
  • Field Proven:
    • Dialit is the choice of hundreds of diamond manufacturing plants around the world using thousands of it’s machines: Israel, Belgium, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, United States of America
    • Dialit is the industry standard in automatic polishing.

DIALIT GS7000-E Capabilities:

  • Non-stop polishing of pavilion facets – 16 halves and 8 main facets.
  • Non-stop polishing of 16 halves and 8 main crown facets.
  • Automatic grain seeking for makeables or naated goods.
  • Preset 2-point and 3-point automatic polishing routines eliminate time-consuming grain-seeking processes.
  • Built-in electronic leveling ensures closed culet.
    Option of automatic or manual adjustments for hard stones.
  • 10-speed smoothing action.
  • One automatic weight control prevents burning of stone and prolongs scaife life.
    Error identification system instantly stops machine to protect stones from damage.
  • Automatic battery back up in event of main power failure.