Dialit has been developing technology and automation products for the diamond manufacturing industry and a worldwide recognized leader for its high-quality automatic diamond polishing systems, since 1969.

We are committed for developing new technologies and products while expanding the capabilities of an existing products. Our worldwide presence ensures top quality after-sales and technical support. Moreover, our superior technology and after-sale service ensures greater efficiency and more profitable outputs for our customers. Dialit products are sold all over the world in many countries such as USA, China, India, Russia, Israel, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe and more.

Dialit is a recognized world leader in bringing advanced automation technology to high-end diamond cutting & polishing. We have over 35 years experience of combining innovation with top quality in automated machinery. Our team combines top robotics engineers and diamond polishing professionals, who together offer a full range of supplementary services including:

  • Factory planning;
  • Productivity analysis;
  • Prompt technical support;
  • Superior training at all levels.
Angle setting
Diamond polishing angle setting